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Florida captain drives through, catches waterspout on camera

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MARATHON, Fla. - A charter captain the the Florida Keys drives his boat through a waterspout, and of course, he catches the entire experience on camera!

On Friday, two boaters were out catching lobsters, when multiple waterspouts formed. That is when the two friends and their dog ended up chasing twisters instead.

Kevin Johnson, the captain at the helm during the wild ride, talked about what it was like to go through a waterspout.

"It's a low-pressure system, so your ears pop. I mentioned in the video that all my hatches on the boat had opened straight up in the air, and fortunately, nothing that sucked out of the boat. But it's a very intense fan, basically," Johnson said.

Johnson says he has done it twice before, and he says he's mindful of the risks.

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