Shutdown almost prevents WWII veterans from seeing monument

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WASHINGTON – Nearly 100 veterans who fought in WWII almost missed the trip of a lifetime because of the government shutdown.

Early Tuesday morning, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Honor Flight pushed past the barricade surrounding a monument built in their honor.

Many of the veterans, ranging in age from 84 to 98-years-old, say they didn’t know if they would have another opportunity to visit the WWII memorial.

Gene Polley said, “I’m sorry we can’t do it all because of what has happened, but anyway, we’re happy to be here. We appreciate the kindness and all of the greetings and so on we’ve had along the way. It’s been great. Just a super-do for all of us.”

A number of Republican lawmakers were on hand to greet the veterans.

Those veterans took the chance to voice their disappointment in the closing of the monument due to the shutdown.

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