OU Medical Center releases data on flu season

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- We've hit October and that means hacking, sniffling and stuffed heads that come with the flu are heading our way.

One things for sure, flu shots are available early this year. Dr. Robert Welliver said the reasons to get vaccinated are numerous.

"A person who is coughing can infect people around them by about six feet," Dr. Welliver says.

Each year the flu changes. Dr. Gillian Air said that means vaccines change too.

"I think you know that the problem with the flu is it keeps mutating and we have to retool the vaccine and start with new viruses," Dr. Air says.

Air said this year one of the vaccines has a little more oomph to it.

"The decision was made to include a 4th component in some vaccine. It will give you more protection if that other type B virus happens to circulate this winter at this point we don't know if it will or not."

Each year the shot is different and its based on what they've seen around the world. Dr. Air said the hope is to one day be on the front end.

"To be able to see the way it mutates and make the vaccine ahead of time," Dr. Air explains. "You don't get influenza from getting a flu shot it's not a live virus. It won't infect you."