Police: Father allegedly beats boy with cord after son caught with knife at school

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City father is facing child abuse charges after police said he allegedly beat his son with an extension cord for over half an hour.

According to the police report, 33-year-old Kenneth R. Tyner, Jr. learned his son was suspended from Martin Luther King Elementary for possibly being caught holding a knife another student brought to school.

The report states Tyner told the boy’s mother he would “be over shortly to ‘beat his ass.'”

Police said the boy’s mother told them she saw Tyner wrap an extension cord around his fist, go into the boy’s room and lock the door.

She told officers she heard the beating stop about 30 minutes later.

When she saw what Tyner did to their son, she said she yelled at him and told her not to question him ever again and if she did, he would “kill her.”

Officers said the boy had a large bruise from his forehead to his cheekbone and cuts from the cord on his arms, body and legs.

Police said the boy told officers his father started beating his legs and worked his way up the boy’s body.

The boy told the officer his father only stopped beating him after he urinated on himself.

The boy’s mother told authorities Tyner has physically abused them in the past.

Police said she told them he was in jail in the past for shooting at her and her son.