Why are Nacho Cheese Doritos So Delicious? The Science behind it

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Doritos 41 grams = 200 calories (wisegeek.com)

A recent study was done over a delicious crunchy snack people turn to.

The “Dorito” originated at the Casa De Fritos at Disneyland in Anaheim California. The company-owned restaurant decided to fry up tortillas (as a traditional Mexican chip called totopos) and added basic seasoning.

The inventor of “Doritos,” Arch West, envisioned this delicious snack in 1964 and decided to bring endless varieties of flavors to stores. But, what studies show is none of the other flavors beat Nacho Cheese.

Why are Nacho Cheese Doritos so alluring? Visit The New York Times to find out why you can’t eat just one.