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“iPosture” What is it? and what can prevent it?

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OKLAHOMA-  Some 84 percent of young adults in the United States say they’ve suffered back pain during the past year, believed to be caused by poor posture from using mobile devices.

This poor mobile device posture is now being called “iPosture.”

Typically a problem for older adults, a numerous amount of young adults ages 18-24 reported mostly lower back pain in a survey conducted in September by health care provider Simplyhealth.

“It is likely that slumping and hunching over computers and hand-held devices is  a contributory factor in the different types of back pain reported by different  generations,” Hammond said. “Younger people are far more likely to be hunched  over a device on a sofa, and would benefit from paying close attention to the  basics of good posture.”

For more information about “iPosture” and how to prevent it from happening to you, visit NY Daily News iPosture article on their website.

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