Texas congressman accosts World War II Memorial park ranger

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WASHINGTON - Things got a little loud at the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

A group of veterans was allowed to go in but park rangers kept everyone else out Wesnesday.

That's when a Texas congressman lashed out at a park ranger but that wasn't the only confrontation.

A furloughed federal worker got in on the argument and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Rep. Randy Neugebauer - (R) Texas: “How do you look at them and say... how do you deny them access? I don't get that.”

Park Ranger: “It's difficult.”

Rep. Randy Neugebauer: “Well it should be difficult.”

Park Ranger: “It is difficult. I'm sorry, sir.”

Rep. Randy Neugebauer: “The Park Service should be ashamed of themselves.”

A furloughed federal employee, Jim O’Keefe, then confronted the congressman.

O’Keefe: “This woman is doing her job just like me. I'm a 30-year federal veteran. I'm out of work.”

Rep. Randy Neugebauer: “Well the reason you are is Mr. Reid is…”

O’Keefe: “No. It's because the government won't do its job and pass a budget.”

The worker took the opportunity to tell the congressman who's to blame for the park shutdown.

After the confrontation O’Keefe said, “I saw a federal employee who was there following orders, doing their job. They're not responsible for the closing of this, that gentleman is."

Authorities said that wasn’t the only confrontation at the World War II Memorial that day.

A group of federal contractors also chose the site for a protest.


  • M. Totzke

    Neuberger isn’t as dumb as he looks. While most of us may believe he is clown, the people in West Texas are just eating this Sh_t up. He’ll be reelected by even a bigger majority. That is all that matters to him.

  • Scott

    O’keefe more then likely never in service he was a plant for the obama crowd, Texsas should be proud of the congressman. obama and reid are closing these to make veterans suffer. like always just like obamacare took healthcare form me and my family because i’m retired military and they needed the money for the welfare rats that want healthcare without working for it.

    • George Thomas

      Your anger, sir, is the problem we’re having in the nation now. Your anger at our American government and at our elected officials is as effective at shutting down our government as any foreign terrorist could ask for.

  • san antonio

    The people of district 19th in Texas should be ashamed of electing this draft dodging idiot. He is a perfect example of the problems in Washington, he is completely clueless and a horses butt.

  • Phil True

    The Congressman from Texas is an example of a human strain of “mad cow” disease, where man and beast flail uncontrollably–in the case of humans, rhetorically–without the slightest idea of what they’re talking about or of the result of their actions.

  • Ben

    He tells her she should be ashamed? He should be arrested under The Antideficiency Act that prohibits Government works from FORCING COST on a shutdown Government. Arrest all of Congress that are there and caused this!! Sorry to the vets that were there, but this Disabled Veteran thinks that Congress should pay more then the people they are hurting.

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