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Used toilet paper, feces, leads to burglary arrest

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man accused of stealing from a home is now being charged with burglary because of what he left behind.

Jimitra Salazar says someone broke into their house more than a year ago and stole all the cash and electronics they could find, including her kids' PlayStation.

"One of them just had a birthday the day before and we bought her a brand new 3D SI and it was gone," Salazar said. "All she had left was the box."

Then they turned to vandalism and dumped laundry detergent all over the beds and TV's in the house.

The worst part, after all that, the suspect used the family's bathroom, did not flush, and left toilet paper and poop all over their floor.

"Nasty that somebody would come in and break into your house and not only steal your stuff but then use the restroom too, and leave feces on the ground," Salazar said.

The dirty deed was a blessing in deep disguise though. Police matched DNA from the droppings to Charles Williams and charged him with first-degree burglary Wednesday.

ā€œIā€™d seen him walking back and forth in the street before when my boys would be playing basketball and he'd come up and play ball with them,ā€ Salazar said.

The family moved to the country shortly after the incident and are very relieved that police finally caught the culprit.

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