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Gunmen rob mother, children at Moore theater

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MOORE, Okla. - Families are sure to head to the movies this weekend but last weekend, that trip turned traumatic for one mother and her two children when robbers held them at gunpoint.

Sitting outside the warren theater, Jennifer Krizmanich and her children said they felt more like they were in a movie when two men approached their car.

"He had his arm in the car with a gun at my son and he said, 'Give me everything in your car. I'm being serious,'" Krizmanich said.

Krizmanich, her daughter and son were about to leave the movies when she said the men first came up to the passenger window and asked to use her phone.

"They said that they were stranded and needed to call for a ride," Krizmanich said.

One man ran away with the phone, police said the other pulled out the gun.

"My heart just broke seeing this gun on my son and my 15-year-old daughter in the back seat of the car," Krizmanich said.

Making a split second decision, she rolled up the window with the man's arm and gun still inside.

He jerked his arm free and took off.

Moore police guard the inside of the theater at all times but officers said they didn't see the robbery because it happened in the parking lot.

However, surveillance cameras did catch the men inside the theater.

"I think it's terrible," Lance Simon said.

A place for families, movie goers like Simon said they usually feel safe here.

"It's a nice environment out here," Simon said. "Everybody's trying to have a nice day and something terrible happens."

"I can't wrap my head around what kind of person would do this to anyone, much less a woman and her kids," Krizmanich said.

She said she doesn't want these thieves to target another family.

The one distinguishing identifier police have on these robbers is that one was wearing a green, silk North Dakota State jacket.

If you have any information, police would like to hear from you.