Rain chances possible starting middle of next week

Music fans ready for possible storm, wet weekend in Guthrie

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - Thousands of people are grabbing their lawn chairs, fiddles, banjos and tents to camp out at Oklahoma’s International Bluegrass Festival this weekend in Guthrie.

With the weekend of fun comes significant cooler temperatures and the chance of severe weather.

While some people are prepared, not everyone has a backup plan.

Oklahoma's International Blue Grass Festival is invading Guthrie, with country and folk music blaring from a large stage and people socializing around the campground.

"People just sit around and play music for hours, stay up all night, it's really fun, really enjoyable," fan Kary Peters said.

Peters, along with her two girlfriends all from Stillwater, are bunking it in a tent.

With possible severe weather in the forecast and the festival grounds in a flood prone area, Peters has a backup plan.

It starts with putting up the rainfly to their tent but if that doesn't help, there's always plan number two.

"Luckily my aunt and uncle have a camper here so we will probably have to go inside of that if it gets bad," Peters said.

However, Peters' neighbor isn't as prepared.

"This is the tent, as you can see it's pretty big," concert-goer Henneberry said.

Apparently a tiny tent doesn't come with too much security.

"We're really proud of this, this is our one tent stake right down there, we figured our body weight would keep it down,” Henneberry said.

His plan is to rough out any storm that comes their way.

For the festival's founder, he said keeping the music goers safe is a top priority and he's keeping an eye on the weather and expects unpredictable weather.

"They're aware of it and they're prepared, they bring the right clothes when the weather changes, it's going to get cooler," the festival's Byron Berline said.

Rain or shine, campers are all about enjoying the festival.

"The adrenaline is fun, we like it, we live off it and the show goes on no matter what," Emde and Walker said.

The festival runs through Saturday night.