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Top 5 issues with iOS7 and how to fix them

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(CNN) – The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7, was released in September to mostly positive reviews.

It was the biggest change to iOS since it was introduced six years ago, overhauled to add a slate of new features and a more streamlined, flat, abstract look.

But nobody’s perfect, right?

It’s not unusual for new operating systems to have some glitches in their earliest days. Nobody’s talking about anything cataclysmic this time, like the Apple Maps fiasco on iOS 6 that led CEO Tim Cook to issue a rare apology — and which some say led to the ouster of Apple senior vice president Scott Forstall.

But a couple of weeks into its existence, iOS 7 has prompted a handful of complaints from users. Here are five of the most frequently heard, along with tips for how to fix, or at least bypass, them.

1. iMessage failing

Apple says it’s aware of an issue that’s causing texts sent through its iMessage app not to go through for some users.

On various Apple-oriented message boards, iOS 7 users were complaining that they’d send a message which appeared to work fine, only to later see the dreaded red exclamation point that means it wasn’t actually sent.

“We are aware of an issue that affects a fraction of a percent of our iMessage users, and we will have a fix available in an upcoming software update,” Apple said in a statement e-mailed to media outlets. “In the meantime, we encourage any users having problems to reference our troubleshooting documents or contact AppleCare to help resolve their issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes impacted users.”

The fix? Until the update rolls out, some users say they’ve been able to get rid of the problem by turning their phone off and back on.

2. Animation flu

Some folks say they’re already sick of iOS 7. Literally.

iPhone and iPad users, or at least a few of them, say they’re getting symptoms similar to motion sickness while looking at iOS 7 animations. On the new system, images zoom in and out when users switch between apps.

As TIME explains, the brain gets unsettled when the eyes try to focus on images that don’t match up — for example, when you’re on a rocking ship or moving car and trying to read a stationary item, like a book.

The fix? iOS 7 users can go to “Settings,” then “General” and then “Accessibility.” Click on “Reduce Motion” to make the zooming go away.

3. Battery drain

This one has been mostly reported by users of older phones like the iPhone 4S. Simply, they say iOS 7 seems to drain their batteries faster than iOS 6 did.

One factor may be that iOS 7 expands the ability to run apps in the background while focusing on another task.

The fix? Again, go to “Settings” and “General,” but then choose “Background App Refresh.” From there, you can choose which apps you’ll allow to run in the background and which you won’t.

There are also general battery-saving steps, like dimming your screen and making sure things like GPS and Bluetooth are switched off if you’re not using them.

4. Certain apps log you out

This one might take care of itself over time.

When Apple updates its operating system, apps that rely on parts of it (like Camera) must update as well. Until they do, they sometimes kick users out. On Apple message boards, users were mentioning apps like Snapchat and Mailbox as frequent offenders.

The fix? Some developers may have already tweaked their products, and other fixes are probably on the way. But if you’re still having problems, you can go to “Settings,” “General” and “Background App Refresh” again. Turn off any apps you’re having problems with.

5. Lock screen bypass

This one has already been addressed in an iOS 7 update from Apple just days after the new operating system rolled out.

For the first few days, iPhones and iPads apparently were vulnerable in one particular instance. If users were running the Camera app and had Control Center activated on their Lock screens, there were a few steps someone could take to unlock their phones.

But the iOS 7.0.2 update, released on September 26, “fixes bugs that could allow someone to bypass the Lock screen passcode,” according to Apple.



    because of ios7 i am facing problem again and again that

  • Sarah

    So frustrating when trying to send imsg the blue loading bar at top of screen goes quick but then stops about half an inch from the end and remains there message won’t send then I’ll get a message saying failed to send its so annoying used to be as quick as anything tap tap done but since update it’s stuffing up constantly hellllpppp

  • Susi Berman

    all of my contacts have suddenly disappeared and in Groups it won’t let me click on Exchange Global Address List – anyone know what to do ? Have done soft reset and many other suggestions

  • Heather

    When setting a background picture, it automatically zooms in and you can’t zoom back out. It makes it hard to find a picture that will fit.

    Also, it is much more difficult to navigate the reminders and calendar, which I use religiously on my phone.

  • Debby

    Since upgrading, I can’t add any events to the calendar. I go through all prompts and hit Done, but nothing is saved

  • Ashley

    It will let me open everything but the top apps on either screen. The ones below it will open. I tried rebooting it, still doesnt work.

  • Chelsea

    Since I updated to iOS 7, anytime I text someone it shows my email instead if my name. Is there anyway I can change it back. I’ve went through all the settings, but can’t find anything to do so. I just don’t understand how it show my name when I call but not through text. Any advice would be awesome!!

  • sdcannon

    To reduce battery life, in the older versions I could simply close the apps I had open – I can’t seem to do that with this version now and it’s eating my battery life 3xs as fast. I’ve done all the other suggestions on how to reduce the drain – anyone know how to shut off apps? i hate that there are 20 apps running and I”m not using them – also just visual clutter to have to scroll through them all.

      • theresa

        can’t figure out how to get rid of open apps. I’ve tried the 3 finger swipe, tried swiping the screen up doesn’t work. does anyone know how to close apps after using them

  • Cathy

    I hate the new calendar. Would like to be able to see the day’s activities on one screen without scrolling up and down( like you could on the old calendar). Who thought leaving that screen out was a good idea?

  • mdavid

    For “older” users that are becoming visually impaired, the new appearance is much “lighter” and the fonts are thinner and have a faded appearance to them. It is more difficult to quickly find what I’m looking for, send text, make calls, etc.

    I’ve made some mods but they don’t remedy the issue 100%.

    • Irena

      Not just older users. Those of us younger users with less than stellar vision are having the same problems. And my legally blind friend who loved her iPhone up until this change says she’s going back to a Blackberry because its more low-vision friendly. Frankly, I would, too, if I thought RIM would be around another year. This thin font and calendar change is terrible. Sure, it looks “slick” and “clean” but it’s not usable. I had to make a phone call to a number not in my contacts outdoors yesterday and couldn’t see a blessed thing on the screen.

      • ellie

        Irena you can go into settings – General – Accessibility and change the font to bold. Helped me so much. You can also make the font larger in Accessibility. I love ios 7. I have had no troubles at all. Love the 3 finger swipe to get rid of open apps.

  • Lady Con

    I hate that menu bar that comes up when you touch the bottom of the screen ANYTIME ANYWHERE in ANYTHING! Move it to one side or the other! geez!

  • Kimberly Burnham

    My iphone 4s will not stop changing time zones. It started when I was “cheating” to play candy crush and I would set the time a day or 2 ahead every time I ran out of lives and now its been messing my phone up every since. But I have deleted candy crush and stop changing the time and what not but its still messing up. Any answers?????

  • Renny J. Pitner

    I for one love this new overhaul update. It’s new and refreshing. The functionality is a lot better, in my opinion. It runs smoothly for me, have not had any problems. The only problems I had was with Apps not made by Apple merely because the company did not update to the iOS 7 compatibility. There are minor GUI glitches but all in all it’s perfect for me.

  • Susan murtha

    It was easy to copy and paste pics into a message and send before. Now I can’t figure out how to send a picture

  • Leonor

    Ios 7 is horrible, I regret updating my ipad to it. I wish I could go back to my ios 6. My ipad blinks sometimes when I’m working on it and it kicks me out of whatever I am doing when it feels like it. 😟

  • Adrian

    I think apple has defiantly taken a turn for the worst. They should just offer to be able to go back to the previous version of iOS. I don’t think I will be moving forward with anymore apple products and seek alternative answers and products. If I wanted this many problems I would have stayed with the android.

  • LheaStarr

    For iMessage failing, You will need to ensure that you are not sharing an Apple ID with someone else and also Turning iMessage off and back On also has fixed this issue

  • Elizabeth

    They’re trying to fit too many options on every screen and I keep accidentally hitting things — like create playlist when all I want is to increase volume. Why does back button now disappear in news apps and safari? And harder to see and work with in general. Too minimalist (thin letters) AND too crowded. Going against some basic interface design rules with ios7.

  • Elizabeth

    Hate the new ios7. Everything looks cartoonish. Is this being marketed to 9 year olds???? Will look at something besides iPhone next time. Loyal to apple til now.

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