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NEW: Accused cross-dressing Norman bank robbery suspect behind bars

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NORMAN, Okla. - The FBI arrested the cross dressing bank robber Tuesday morning, accused of walking away with cash from two different banks between September and October.

From the pictures, you see what appears to be a woman, with blonde hair and oversized sunglasses.
BankRobbery - Republic Bank Norman1

Take away the disguise and you have this man, 44-year-old John Paul Matthews, from Norman.

Matthews was arrested Tuesday morning, facing federal charges for aggressively demanding cash from Republic Bank and Trust Monday night and the Arvest Bank back in late September.

Near one of the banks is a gas station, Mr. Short Stop, where the owner claims to have known Matthews for more than 20 years.

"We'd always say something funny to each other and make each other a laugh that was about it," said Henderson.

However over time, Henderson said she noticed a change.

"I just kind of saw him go downhill. He got really thin, he'd walk in a creaky manner and I was worried about him," said Henderson.

Following Monday night's robbery, a witness at a nearby business was able to write down Matthews license plate number, which then led officials to the 1700 block of Classen.

"Just really out of the ordinary to say the least," said Allen.

Austin Allen has lived in Norman for the past 23 years; he loves the city and doesn't want to be known for crime.

"We invite people and want them to come here and raise a family and feel safe and stuff like that can alter people's decisions and I don't like it because Norman is a good city," said Allen.

Allen said extra security could be the solution to reducing the stream of robberies that have been invading the city.


  • jth54321

    I saw someone in the same area this last Sunday around 2:00pm, walking across the street from the same Bank to the CVS Pharmacy. It was a man with shaved legs and a mini skirt that was covered by a jacket. Wonder if it was the same person…

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