UPDATE: OKC man taken for $10K in ‘pigeon drop’ scam

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are warning residents to be on the lookout for a pair of alleged con artists.

Authorities say the two men have been scamming multiple victims by using one of the oldest and most successful scams in history.

Outside a local McDonald's restaurant, the first victim met a man claiming to be from Africa.

The suspect convinced the man to go to a local Bank of America branch and withdraw $1,000 from his personal bank account.

The second victim said, "They're very good con artists."

That victim says he walked out of a food store and was approached by the same suspect, flashing a wad of cash with a $100 bill on the outside.

The suspect explained he couldn't take the money home and needed help donating $50,000 to charity.

The victim said, "I believed him and I shouldn't have. It was a total lie."

He says he drove the suspect to a nearby CVS, where they met up with a second man.

The pair then convinced the victim to go to his credit union and withdraw $10,000 as a show of trust.

The victim said, "He wanted to know if I had enough money in the bank. That I wouldn't take the whole $50,000 for myself."

Once the victim drove the suspects to a gas station, the pair took off with the victim's cash.

MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, "We have two victims.  One gave them $10,000. Obviously, he'll never see that money again."

The scam the two suspects are using is commonly known as the "pigeon drop."

It's actually one of the oldest and most successful scams in history.

Police released two surveillance images of the possible suspects and offer some simple advice for anyone who runs across the duo.

Knight said, "Anytime someone offers you money to get more money, obviously, that's a scam."

The victim said, "I always thought I wouldn't fall for that but I did. Everybody needs to watch out."

The suspects have been seen driving a white van.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact police.