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Study: Parents feeling pressures of youth sports, affecting jobs

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Pressure from youth sports is causing stress for mothers at home and at work, according to a new study.

It found moms said they are happiest when these sports are over.

The two main areas of stress in the study were the pressure on children to perform and the time and money commitment.

Over 50 percent of mothers in the survey said that these sports cause stress in their lives and the lives of the family as a whole.

Over 60 percent said that their children’s sports interfered with their work and 43 percent said it causes them to be less productive at work.

Under 25 percent said that the stress can cause conflict with their significant other and the loss of raises or promotions at work.

“This survey clearly shows we need to change youth sports to put less pressure on children and their families,” Brian Sanders said, President and COO of i9 Sports.

The study from i9 Sports, a youth sports league franchise, surveyed 400 moms with children in organized youth sports.