Bizarre break in leaves Chickasha businesses cleaning up

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CHICKASHA, Okla. -- Manufacturing businesses are dealing with a bizarre break in Thursday night. The suspects are still on the loose.

Police say the burglar or burglars were on a stealing spree. They hit three companies, but what they were after still isn't clear.

Surveillance video shows a man walk toward Royal Filter Manufacturing just off of Highway 81. He has a crowbar in his hand and is bound for the front door. Seeing it play out, Part Owner Glenn McNatt is uneasy.

"First thing comes to your mind is you're angry and disappointed that someone violates you like that," said McNatt.

It`s the third time in two years thieves have targeted the company, costing owners nearly $15,000.

This time, the man trashed the offices, by passed the tools and walked out with only a laptop.

"I don't know what they were after," said McNatt.

The next target is just yards away: Livingston Manufacturing.

"You can see very easily where they came in and they used a crow bar to pry their way into our office doors," said Shawn Skaggs.

Again, Skaggs says the burglars overlooked tools with high street value and stole quarters from the snack machine, plus a bottle of pills, but nothing that gets you high. The pills were antibiotics.

"It was very odd," said Skaggs. "But they were also looking for something very specific because they did bypass a lot of stuff that would have been easy cash for them: lap tops, computers, all kinds of different things."

The last stop on the stealing spree was Chickasha Manufacturing.

Just down Highway 81, you see Livingston Manufacturing, and beside that is Royal Filter. Police say it`s no surprise thieves hit these companies one after the other.

Whoever the burglar is, police say they went to a lot of trouble, for next to nothing.

"You still feel violated," said McNatt. "They basically trashed our offices for no reason at all."

If you know anything about the burglaries, call Chickasha Crime Stoppers.

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