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Flesh eating “Zombie” drug spreads across the U.S.

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Last month, krokodil, a highly addictive drug that eats through human skin, made its first known appearance in the United States.

Now, use of krokodil, which has been nicknamed the “Zombie drug,” has spread to the Midwest.

Krokodil, technically known as Desomorphine, has a similar effect to heroin, but is significantly cheaper and easier to make.

Given the ingredient list, it’s not surprising then that the drug has some gruesome, sometimes fatal, side effects.

Krokodil causes the skin to turn a scaly, reptilian green around the area where it is injected.

For now, officials know of only a few suspected cases. However, there’s reason to believe more may be on the way.


  • Carrie

    Heroin, morphine, opiates.. They all have side effects that effect your visual appearence. My brother is a victim of these drugs for 10+years. If it gets them high they don’t care the outcome, also some of the people who have used it in us didn’t even know they were using it, they thought they had bought heroin. This worries me.

  • jasmine

    I think with these horrible side effects people won’t use it. If marijuana or heroin had side effects that alter your appearance I can almost guarantee very few people would do it.

  • Billie

    Lets give it a cool name so all the dumb butt, not older enough to know better, I’ll live forever kids with no sense will rush to try it. I’m so sick of the self destructing idiots I could scream!!!

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