The Biggest Loser premieres Tuesday with an Oklahoma contestant

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Season 15 of NBC’s popular series “The Biggest Loser,” premieres Tonight at 7:00 p.m.

The Show will feature 15 inspiring contestants, including the show’s first celebrity player, Ruben Studdard.

Season 15 has an uplifting “Second Chances” theme, with fun, and new creative elements.

Alison Sweeney hosts the series featuring charismatic trainers Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels and Dolvett Quince, who have helped contestants lose over 26,600 pounds collectively during 14 seasons of the motivational show.

This season features a contestant from Oklahoma; 43-year-old David Brown from Edmond.

David is a Project Manager for a Construction Company and Social Commerce Leader for a Phone Company.

A tragic turn of events, when David Brown was in his early 20s, led to his weight gain as an adult.

David was born in Oklahoma City and raised in Yukon, Oklahoma with two younger siblings. At age 22, while earning a communications degree at Oklahoma City University, David got married.You can visit his Facebook page here.

Just six months after the wedding, his new wife had a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While the cancer was in remission, she became pregnant, but lost the baby in the third trimester.

She went on to have two daughters, but her cancer ultimately returned as stage 4 brain cancer and she passed away nine years after they were married, leaving David with their two young daughters, then four and six years old.

Twelve years later, David remarried and had a third daughter, but he has put on 200 pounds since his first wife’s cancer diagnosis.

Now 43, 409 pounds and the father of three girls (ages 5, 15 and 18) David suffers from sleep apnea, high blood pressure, hypertension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

He is determined to keep his promise to his first wife that he would always be there for their daughters, and it’s that determination – and the support of his current wife and children – that led him to try out for the show.

David looks forward to losing the weight so he can travel, water ski, play tennis and keep up with his active family, and prove that he is stronger than his story.

On the trainer side, new creative elements are being introduced this season that give Bob, Jillian and Dolvett more powerful roles.

For the first time ever in the show’s history, trainers sat in on casting sessions and helped select the new contestants.

Also, the trainers will be empowered with a “trainer save” in Season 15, allowing each one to save one eliminated contestant from going home.