UPDATE: El Reno woman upset after storm shelter floods

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UPDATE 10/16/2013: Mark Sanders, the owner of Sandlott Precasting, has reached out to KFOR. Mr. Sanders says he was not the installer of the storm shelter. He is the manufacturer of the shelter and "is not in anyways involved in the installation component of the job." Sanders says another company has handled the installation and that company is responsible for resolving this problem. He also says Amy Bedore purchased a shelter which is typically installed in a garage. He says she wanted it installed in the backyard and told Sanders a patio would be installed over the shelter. At this time there is not a patio covering the shelter, only a tarp.

EL RENO, Okla. -- Monday's rainfall is only making a major headache worse for one Oklahoma family.

A leaky storm shelter is filling up more and more with each passing storm. The family blames the installer for the problem though the company has told them recent rainfall is delaying the repair.

Amy Bedore just had the shelter installed at the end of September. The shelter is now full of water.

Amy said, "We pumped out eight, nine inches yesterday."

She says the company who installed it, Sandlot Precasting, has been giving her the runaround when it comes to fixing the leaking mess.

Amy's home was hit by the May 30, 2013, tornado, making a shelter an essential part of the rebuilding process.

She said, "The front of the house was gone and it was tilted this way (motions to the side) and the roof was gone."

The storm shelter was an effort to keep her family safe; though now she's at a loss for what to do.

Amy said, "If we had a storm tomorrow my choice would be tornado or drown. I get to choose my way of going."

Amy has called the company several times.

"We called and stopped by the address on their web site, with no luck," Amy said. "He's got to fix it and he's got to fix it now."

Amy has communicated some through e-mail with the owner of the company. Last Thursday she was told by e-mail the company would come out before the rain started. No one ever showed up.

Then today another message saying the ground has been too wet. The message also stated Amy and her husband would need to remove a newly installed fence before a fix could be made.

She said, "All last week, when he said he was going to be here, it was dry he could have been here."

Amy says she's tired of miscommunications and promises and just wants a shelter that will keep her family safe.

She said, "I just want a storm shelter not a rain gauge."

NewsChannel 4 have left messages for Sandlott Precasting. At this time, we have not received a response from the company.

As soon as we do hear from them we'll be sure to let you know.

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