Junk fax spawns weeds, not grass; family out green

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OKLAHOMA CITY - We've been hot on the trail of Kellon Sanders.

He and his company, Oklahoma Master Grass, are accused of killing yards, then leaving several customers high and dry.

For weeks now, we’ve been checking leads, scouring the internet and pulling property and court records.

We left numerous, detailed messages on Sanders' voicemail.

He didn't return a single one of our calls.

Customers like David Campbell aren't surprised.

“I think I was conned,” he said.

David says Sanders took off with his cash, but not before killing his yard.

“He said he had planted seed and after thirty days I had nothing but weeds,” David said. “He said, ‘Well, we had such a wet spring it washed it all off.’”

“That was his big excuse the first couple of times,” customer, Rusty Harris said. “We had a lot of rain and I bought into that.”

Harris shelled out thousands of dollars for new grass at his home and motorcycle apparel business, Papa’s Leather Barn.  

He’s furious over the lawn carnage.

“[It’s] dead, nothing, but weeds and stickers.”

These customers claim Sanders keeps avoiding their calls.

We initially thought he'd already skipped town, but over the weekend we received an anonymous tip.

It was a positive ID on Sanders' whereabouts.

We moved in on his northwest Oklahoma City condo and found his SUV, pick-up and work trailer parked out front.

Sanders refused to open up the door, even though we knew he was hiding from us inside.

Moments later, as we were leaving the property, Sanders finally answered his phone.

He told me he didn't return any of my phone calls because he thought I was trying to sell him advertising on News Channel 4.

“I didn't even know anything about this news report until maybe the day before yesterday,” Sanders said.

Sanders has DUI convictions in Oklahoma and South Carolina.

He's also accused of running a shady financial scheme in Texas.

“I haven't cheated anybody. I've done, you know I've done nothing wrong. But, now did I have a history of that in the past? Yes, I did. You know, I had a history of doing people wrong in the past but, you know, I've sincerely turned things around.”

We asked Sanders about the new complaints related to his lawn care business.

You'll remember, customer, David Campbell, claimed Sanders misled him by taking credit for Chesapeake's lush lawn.

“I said ‘Yeah, it's beautiful’,” Campbell said. “He said, ‘Same grass, same thing.’ He said, ‘they buy the seed from me.’"

Sanders tells the In Your Corner team he never claimed to invent the seed.

“I never claimed to [have] invented the seed. I never claimed to manufacture it. I, I only purchase it and then install it.”

Sanders tells us heavy rains washed away the seed he planted in his customer's yards. 

“Am I willing to work something out with them? Yeah, I definitely am. I don't want anybody to feel cheated.”

In both cases, Sanders was able to solicit new business by sending out a junk fax.

Our In Your Corner team strongly discourages you from ever responding to junk faxes or junk spam and emails.

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