Logan County authorities unveil murder victim’s criminal history

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GUTHRIE, Okla. -- Authorities have identified the victim’s body found along a road in Guthrie last week.

Logan County Sheriff’s deputies said a mother and daughter found 33-year-old Mindy Carder’s naked body Friday near Simpson and Bryant.

Deputies said 22-year-old Timothy Slawson confessed to killing Carder.

In the days after identifying Carder as Slawson’s alleged victim, authorities have learned more about the victim’s shocking criminal history.

Friday morning Brandi Shearer and her family, on their morning walk, found who they now know is Mindy Carder, naked and dead just outside their home.

Shearer had a difficult time explaining the spot where they found Carder's body. She says during their usual walk, her daughters always run ahead to this spot and dance and twirl.

Shearer says, "That's the spot they usually do that at. God just protected them."

Shearer had just happened to send the girls in right before walking any further, where the body of Mindy Carder was found.

Now, the family is relieved to hear Carder's alleged killer, Timothy Slawson is behind bars.

We stopped by Slawson's house and spoke with his brother who did not want to go on camera but says he knows nothing about what happened Friday night.

After learning her identity Logan County authorities discovered Carder had a criminal past.

Chief Deputy Richard Stephens says, "When I had to make the notification on Ms. Carder that's when her criminal history became apparent."

In 2009 she was caught in a sex ring with underage boys and charged with multiple counts of statutory rape and Stephens says her background may have put her in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Shearer and her family say they don't care.

“That doesn't change the fact that she was valued,” says Shearer. “I don't care what happened in her life, what choices she made in her life, no one has the right to hurt you like that."

She says the compassion she feels for Mindy Carder is the same compassion she feels for Timothy Slawson as well.

"I pray for him. I do,” says Shearer. “I just pray that God will somehow even in that jail cell reach to his heart and touch him and make him feel sorry for what he's done. Truly sorry."

Authorities say they are still gathering more information about Timothy Slawson's motive, but insisted that her past was not the reason she was murdered.


  • jennifer faubus

    She was loved that was my friend her past is the past don’t judge my friend for the things shes done she has a daughter she loved. RIP my friend u were loved

  • GardensButterfly

    They are right. It doesnt matter what she had done in her past, she didnt deserve what she was given!

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