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UPDATE: Chickasha school’s pigs spray painted, animals set free

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CHICKASHA, Okla. -- Chickasha police are investigating a first of a kind crime.

This week someone broke into the Chickasha High School Ag Farm and vandalized two show pigs with spray paint.

After the vandals spray painted two pigs, they also set 30 animals free from their pens.

"It disheartens you that someone would come in and do this," said Chickasha Ag instructor Chancer McPherson.

Pictures taken by police show what the pigs looked like after the crime.
Pig painted Chickasha

Since then, students and staff have worked hard to clean the animals in preparation for a prize show in Kansas City.

"We've tried different products that are safe for animals. Products from different beauty salons," said McPherson.

Chickasha police admit it's a first for them.

"I've never seen in, 17 years on the job, a spray painted pig," said Scott Weaver with the Chickasha Police Department.

Police say the vandals opened all the pens for the animals at the farm.

That allowed two sheep to eat pig feed, something that's bad for their health.

Several large steers were also sprayed with fire extinguishers.

"This is a vandalism with no purpose other than deface property and make students life more difficult," said Weaver.

In addition to the Ag farm, the vandals hit a nearby church.

Still, it's the spray paint on the pigs that left educators wondering why anyone would commit such a crime.

"As many hours as students put into this, it's disheartening that we don't know who's doing this," said McPherson.

Right now no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact Chickasha police.

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