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Guthrie man makes shocking confessions

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GUTHRIE, Okla. -- A Guthrie man has been charged with murder and manslaughter in connection with a shocking case of murder.

Twenty-one year old Timothy Slawson is in jail, accused of murdering Mindy Carder and then sexually defiling her body.

Investigators say Mindy was two months pregnant at the time of her death.

Court records show he has made some shocking confessions.

Captain Rich Stephens, with Logan County, said, "He has not adjusted well to his circumstances both with the charges and being in jail."

Court records show Slawson confessed to shooting Mindy. In an affidavit Slawson reportedly told investigators he wasn't upset he had killed her only that he had been caught and put in jail.

Stephens said, "This is about as bad as it gets in most law enforcement circles."

Slawson has admitted to killing Mindy at a vacant home near where his parents live.

Mindy had gone to the home with two others. One of those people had arranged for a sexual encounter with Slawson.

According to the affidavit, Slawson admits after setting the meeting he had decided to kill the prostitute. He ended up killing Mindy instead. The other woman and a man both escaped harm.

Slawson told investigators he tried to give Mindy CPR, but didn't know how. He then confessed to sexually defiling her dead body.

Stephens said, "This is a fairly disturbing case. There are a lot of details that people are unhappy to hear. It's a tragedy for everyone involved."

Mindy's body was found the next day along a rural Logan County road.

Slawson also admitted to investigators he has killed numerous animals in recent years. He confessed to putting kittens on a board and hitting them like a golf ball. Slawson also requested to see a counselor while in jail because he told investigators he thinks about hurting people.

As he awaits his day in court authorities are keeping an eye on him.

Stephens said, "As you can imagine the situation he's facing, he could become suicidal."

Our crew did stop by Slawson's home. His parents were not there and a brother declined to comment.

Below is the actual affidavit from the District Court of Logan County. The contents of this document are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING.

Read: Logan County Affidavit, Timothy Slawson