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UPDATE: Love’s expands business in The Village

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THE VILLAGE, Okla. - Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores is celebrating its brand new office building Wednesday.

It’s more than 67,000 square feet and will host nearly 400 employees.

The new building is in The Village, a city that has grown significantly.

With big gold scissors in hand, founder and CEO of Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores, cut the ribbon to unveil the brand new office building gracing The Village.

"It's been a real partnership," CEO and Founder Tom Love said.

The Oklahoma-born company has grown at rapid speed, operating more than 300 stores nationwide.

To keep up with the pace in the metro, a new office building will host nearly 400 employees.

Which the City Manager of The Village said is going to continue to help the city thrive.

"One of the big benefits of the city is the city will receive the ad valorem tax on the building, so that's going to be a big boost for our development efforts," Stone said.

With the opening, Love's also donated $5,000 to The Village's Police Department and Fire Department.

"I'm sure they've got equipment needs and other needs it will be used for, so it's very much appreciated," Stone said.

"It's exciting to see the company grow the way it has," Harold Wells said, Love's longest standing employee of 41 years.

Wells said he has enjoyed watching the company expand in The Village.

"To bring a facility like this, it's exciting for The Village. To have new buildings come in, new locations, it's great," Stone said.

This is just the beginning; Love's said they've already outgrown the new space.

The CEO and Founder, Tom Love, said they've exhausted the current campus in The Village and have looked into plans to continue the expansion in an additional location.