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Colorado man attacked by coyotes while walking to bus stop

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NIWOT, Col. -- A Colorado man is recovering from what state wildlife workers say was a very rare coyote attack.

Andrew Dickhage was walking to a bus stop early Monday morning in Niwot when he was attacked.

"I heard like a small ruffle in the brush," Dickhage said.

He shrugged off the sound, but the usual path would unveil the unexpected.

Coyotes, a family of them, were on Dickehage in an instant. He had a flashlight, but before he knew it, "I looked down and it had a hold of my hand, and it wouldn't let go," he said.

In a haze, the 22-year-old battled the wild animals. One after another they lunged.

"As soon as they were on the ground, they were up on their feet and ready to go at me again," Dickehage said. "They were going for my face. That's all they were doing."

Jennifer Churchill, with the state parks and wildlife, says the behavior is alarming. Coyotes normally don't approach adults. The attack shows an unsettling comfort level.

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