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PHOTOS: Gory Mustang Halloween display getting national attention

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Mustang garage door

MUSTANG, Okla. – One Oklahoma man is getting national attention for his gory Halloween display.

Johnnie Mullins said he had to decorate on a budget this year but he managed to come up with a ghoulish graveyard in front of his home.

The scene also make prop humans look like they have been run over by a car and hit with a garage door.

Mullins said has received plenty of feedback, both positive and negative.

He said he hopes people can see the same humor in it as he does.

Mustang halloween car

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  • Robin D. Weidner

    I think people need to pick their battles, and this is NOT ONE OF THEM. There are a lot bigger issues that need focus from the American People other than this creative way to decorate their yard for Halloween. PEOPLE NOW UH DAYS ARE TO SENSITIVE AND NEED TO LIGHTEN UP AND STOP WORRYING BOUT MINOR STUFF LIKE TH|IS. Get over yourself and focus your attention on things that really matter in this world..STOP BEING SUCH CRY BABIES

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