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Scammers Use Government Shutdown Fear on Oklahomans

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The Attorney General’s Public Protection Unit is warning Oklahomans about a phone scam that orders residents to pay their tax debt now to help the government continue to operate.

This shutdown scare tactic has already worked on one person who sent the scammers nearly $2,500.

Officials say the callers ask victims to wire them money, or purchase a prepaid Green Dot card.

One woman who called the AG’s office said the scammers had her stay on the phone while she drove to a store to purchase a Green Dot card.

When store employees told the woman she was possibly being scammed, she hung up.  However, she soon received another call from a person pretending to be with the Tulsa Police Department and wanting to know her location.

The AG’s office says that woman could have been robbed if she had revealed her location.

It’s not clear if the scam is local or originating from another country.

Anyone who has received one of these phone calls should contact the AG’s Public Protection Unit at 405-521-2029.

For more information on the scam.