Storms possible this weekend

Nichols Hills Elementary safe room put on hold

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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. — It looks like the plans for a storm shelter at Nichols Hills Elementary school are on hold.

We’ve learned the Oklahoma City School Board will have to re-vote on the issue.

Just recently, after some haggling, the school board voted to build a gymnasium with a safe room at Nichols Hills Elementary.

Kristi Conatzer, who lost her daughter Emily in Plaza Towers, came to Monday night’s meeting to tell Nichols Hills parents how fortunate they are that the gymnasium project is delayed specifically so a safe room could be included..

“It’s not an option that we had. I definitely don’t want anybody standing in our shoes,” Conatzer says.

But now the admission that the vote on the storm shelter was not correctly posted on the agenda, which Interim Superintendent Dave Lopez said will lead to a voting do-over.

“We will post a discussion and vote on whether this board wants to go ahead with the bid augment to determine the cost of the safe room,” Says Superintendent Lopez.

Danni Legg, who lost her son Christopher at Plaza Towers, was also at the meeting. The hold-up makes her nervous.

“I’ve learned in the last five months, do not bank on anything,” Legg says.

The school board says it will post the vote correctly on the agenda and meet in two weeks.

Legg worries what that two weeks could mean.

“For them to sit here and say we need to vote on it again leaves that door open just a little for any opposition to pop up and that should not be an option that should not be an issue.  That should not be allowed.”

NewsChannel 4 was there during their meeting earlier this afternoon. You can see that report here:

The vote will now be held on November 4.