High blood sugar may affect memory loss in some people

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OKLAHOMA – People with higher blood sugar levels may be at an increased risk for memory problems.

German researchers assessed 140 healthy adults with no history of Diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Participants who had blood sugar levels on the higher end of the normal range did not perform as well on memory tests as those with lower levels.

Brain scans showed people with higher blood sugar also had smaller volumes in the hippo campus area of the brain (which is linked to memory.)

Experts say efforts to lower blood sugar (even for people in the normal range) could be effective in preventing memory problems and cognitive decline as they age.

“Diabetes and memory loss are closely linked, and poorly controlled diabetes can cause memory loss. The brain runs on glucose and brain glucose storage is limited,” says diabetes.co

This study was led by researchers at Charite University (GER) and published in ‘Neurology’ to find out more about diabetes being linked to memory loss visit ‘Neurology’