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Man saves uncommon stray

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SPENCER, Okla. - A Spencer man was dealing with an unusual stray Wednesday. This one was much bigger than a dog or cat.

Ricky McGuire found a mare horsing around on his way home from work and couldn't leave her in traffic's way.

"A lot of people just drive on by, but I'm an animal lover," said McGuire.

So he grabbed some rope.

"She came to me once I got some hay in my hand," said McGuire.

A little bribery is all it took. The pair walked house to house hoping to find where the mare belongs.

"I went door to door to people I know that have horses," said McGuire. "And none of them claimed her."

That was until Animal Welfare's Danell Tipton showed up. Around here, he's used to getting calls like this.

"I've seen horses on the side of the road, on some of these main highways, and I've seen horses hit," said Tipton.

Luckily, McGuire caught this one.

"It's all you can do is help your neighbors," said McGuire.

After some searching, Tipton found the mare's home and her escape strategy: a broken fence.

Her owner is out of town, and the caregiver wasn't there, but once McGuire led her back, the horse was very vocal. She started neighing like she knew she was home.

If you pass by a loose horse, call police. They'll be able to help.