Pay it 4ward: Lady helps cancer patients with bracelets and love

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BLANCHARD, Okla. -- With more than 500,000 beads and thousands of bracelets one Oklahoma woman is making a big difference for those with cancer.

NewsChannel 4’s Meg Alexander takes us to a metro chemo ward where this week's “Pay it 4ward” recipient is always very busy.

It’s a treasure chest of sparkles and so much more.

16:14:35 "She was telling us what the good things were on the menu for lunch bringing the cart around with treats," patient, Don Dunnington says.

For Dunnington and his wife it makes chemo so much better.

"Thank you," Dunnington’s wife says as he gets a bracelet from Marilyn Dewey.

His wife gets a gift while her husband gets a pep talk.

Dunnington says, "Just making people comfortable. She seems to do what she does with a lot of love and a lot of care."

Marilyn Dewey survived uterine cancer seven years ago, but it was a “Relay for Life” event with her granddaughters that really got her going.

"It was so energizing to see kids/young adults raising money," Marilyn Dewey says. "I thought I'll start making some bracelets to sell and give them the money from the bracelets."

She lives in Blanchard but comes here to the Stephenson Cancer Center at OU to help patients.

Karla Smith, an Ovarian and Breast cancer survivor says that Marilyn is a godsend.

"Out of her own pocket she makes these bead bracelets; thousands of them and she sells them at different venues. 100 percent of the money goes back into research for many cancers," Smith says.

"I give bracelets to the patients and sell them to everybody else. It's just a win/win situation," Dewey explains.

Smith says about Dewey, "She gives out bracelets she serves meals. She does whatever they need her to do."

She also is a huge shoulder to lean on; especially for those like Karla.

"She's laid down her life to help and give hope to other women. She's laid down her needs to help fulfill needs of other women," Karla Smith says.

That is why Karla Smith nominated Marilyn for “Pay it 4ward.”

"She is the most selfless human being I've ever met," Smith says.

"This sounds like a great pay it forward for Marilyn and Karla, who nominated her, and I have for her to give to them $400," David Feisal, with Spirit Bank says. “I can't wait to give this to them."

David Feisal and NewsChannel 4’s Meg Alexander couldn't wait to surprise Marilyn while she was volunteering at the hospital.

"Are you Marilyn? Meg asks.

“I am,” Dewey says.

Meg says, “I'm Meg Alexander from Channel 4 I know who you are; of course I know who you are. We have a program called “Pay it 4ward” with Spirit Bank and you're friend Karla has a little something for you.”

"Marilyn, on behalf of Spirit Bank and on behalf of ‘Pay it 4ward’ we would like to present you with $400 because of all that you do," Karla Smith says. "Laying down your life; your time; your efforts; I love you so much. Thank you."

"I guess we'll be buying more beads," Marilyn Dewey says.

They are beads that mean so much more than bling; beads for the fight against an indiscriminate foe.

Marilyn says, "It's giving people hope. There is always hope."