Clyde the camel gives new meaning to ‘hump day’

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - A popular Geico commercial celebrating "hump day" is coming to life in Guthrie because of an unlikely pair of friends and the love of a community.

Terri Lindley laughed, “Every week I get that 'hump day' commercial sent about 10 times from people on Facebook. I'm like ‘Yeah, I've seen it!'"

Lindley runs 'The Big W Ranch' between Guthrie and Edmond.

She's been a horse trainer for 30 years and has started training camels in the last few years.

She's owned Clyde the Camel for the last year and the pair have caused quite a stir stomping the streets.

However, the good times came to a sudden stop when Clyde suffered a massive kidney stone.

Veterinarians  told her that Clyde only had a 30 percent chance of survival.

Lindley said, "We had prayers all over the world for Clyde. And he's quite a hit at OSU too."

Back home in Guthrie, Clyde's fans missed him sauntering around, so they raised money to cover his $8,000 vet bill.

Thankfully, Clyde is back home now and recovering under Terri's watchful eye.

Will Aynes said, “When I walk out here and I see the camel walking down the middle of the road I say ‘Oh, there’s the camel again!’”

The commercial might have added to Clyde's popularity, but it is his sweet personality, friendliness and will to live that launched him into people's hearts.

"We celebrate 'hump day' every day." Terri said. "It’s' hump day' every day around here.”