UPDATE: Former Guthrie officer fights for job

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Former Lieutenant of the Guthrie Police Department Mark Bruning wants his job back after receiving a termination letter on Monday.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt about it that he ought to get his job back, and I’m not conceding that what they said he did is true, but assume that is it. Assume he acted inappropriately…The appropriate discipline for something like that would be days on the ground or counseling.

It certainly wouldn’t be termination,” Bruning’s attorney Scott Adams said.

Last month Bruning arrested his wife’s ex-husband Kyle White, claiming he was publicly intoxicated during the Mumford and Sons concert in Guthrie.

White was held in jail overnight. 

He says he was the victim of a bogus arrest and, in fact, the city did eventually drop the citation against him.

Randel Shadid is the City of Guthrie attorney and told KFOR he dropped the public intoxication citing because he felt it would be more difficult for the city to prove. 

 White is now filing a lawsuit against the City of Guthrie asking for $125,000.

He also claims he never received a sobriety test before he was arrested, which Adams said is not uncommon.

 “It’s frustrating to me because you know they say, ‘I wasn’t given a breath test. Well no one ever gets a breath test on a public intox. 

Everybody knows that and law enforcement knows that and everyone who’s a lawyer knows that, so to even say that, is just stupid,” Scott said.

White said he’s been receiving support from Guthrie polie officers throughout the ordeal.

“I`ve had officers reach out to me like two-day after this incident,” White said. “[They say] that they are really upset and that they would have never done this.”

The claim will now go to an insurance evaluator who will accept or deny the claim. If it is denied, White will have 180 days to file a lawsuit.

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