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Woman arrested for allegedly punching her 5-year-old son

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police responded to a 911 possible attempted suicide call that turns into alleged child abuse.

When Authorities arrived, they found a 5-year-old boy sleeping on a couch with what looked to be a mark on his left eye.

Police say the mark on the boy’s eye looked to be consistent with being hit.

Police said they asked the woman how her son got the mark on his eye and she replied “she had been play wrestling with her son and he must have hit his eye during the time they were play wrestling.”

Amber Pyle, the mother of the 5-year-old admitted she had been drinking and started to cry when she talked about her son.

Authorities say Pyle’s explanation as to how the boy got the marks did not match evidence discovered at the scene.

Police ended up arresting Pyle for alleged child abuse and neglect.