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Family infected with rare parasite growing inside their bodies

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MALVERN, AR - "We all have the same symptoms," Miranda Rogers said of her and her seven children.

Rogers hopes to put a stop to what they're going through. She's taken her concerns to doctors and hospitals, but they called DHS on her. She says DHS investigated but left her alone.

"[Doctors] thought that I was crazy," she said.

She was unable to get a response until she took proof to a doctor.

"I found maggots," Rogers explained. "I had one come out of my throat."

It was fly larva and she also found it in her children.

"In my 5-month-old one flew out of her nose when she was coughing," Rogers said.

A doctor at Mercy Hospital in Hot Springs was able to diagnose this as something called "Myiasis."

According to the CDC, it's a "Rare parasitic infection typically acquired when traveling to tropical areas in Africa and South America," not Arkansas.

"There's something wrong, and I don't know what it is, and I need a doctor or somebody that knows," she said.

Rogers says she's suffering from the symptoms that are still visible today. Bumps on her skin and sores on her head are examples.

Rogers hoped she found the culprit in what she thought was a bot fly she found in her son's bed.

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