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In Your Corner: Mail out raises eyebrows

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- There are suspicions surrounding an out-of-state mail out.

Brian Hill of Twisted Oak Foods is a homegrown entrepreneur.

“I do salsa, sauces and spices,” he said.

As a new business owner, he receives his fair share of government mailings.

He recently received a mail out that raised his eyebrows.

“Like something that came from the IRS or from our local state government," Brian said.

Inside the mail out was a warning for Brian and other Oklahoma business owners.

They could be fined $17,000 for failing to publicly post certain information about employee rights.

“I was kind of duped myself because I was about ready to write a check for it, until I saw it was going to California,” Brian said.

The out-of-state company behind the mail out is Personnel Concepts Limited.

John Carpenter is the spokesperson for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

“What we have right here is somebody wanting to charge you for something that's available for free,” he said.

Oklahoma employers are required to post state and federal labor law and compliance posters someplace where they can be readily seen by employees.

The state though will never charge you for them!

“If they are asking the employer to pay for this information for one of these posters, don't do it,” Carpenter said. “It's available for free.”

Here’s the In Your Corner bottom line.

  • Read all your mail carefully.
  • If a letter appears to be from a government agency, contact that agency directly to verify the information. 
  • Again, these posters are available free of charge from the state.