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Tomato Dodge mixes 5k and food fight Saturday in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There’s a new 5k coming to Oklahoma City and it involves a massive food fight.

The Tomato Dodge starts Saturday at 9 a.m. at Extreme OKC, located at 3501 NE 10th St.

It all starts with some nice tomato stomping to get them juicy and ready to chuck at those 5k runners trucking by.

"It's fun, it's different," Tomato Dodge's Danny Copinga said.

Copinga said his crew stomps around 30,000 tomatoes, weighing nearly 6,000 pounds for the big event.

"We've taken a 5k and coupled it with a La Tomatina in Spain which is also a tomato festival and basically a huge food fight," he said.

Adding tomatoes adds an extra obstacle to an already challenging 3.1 miles.

"Throughout the course there's four different areas, what we call dodge zones, and it's areas where we have people lined up," Copinga said. "There's areas set up, it's like a gantlet that people run through and people are throwing mashed up tomatoes as you run through these dodge zones."

Some participants said they do enjoy the red fruit. tomato dodge run 1

"They're very tasty," runner Rob Keefe said. "I like the romas; they go great on salads."

Keefe said he runs for a purpose; to help his teenage son stay active while having fun.

"They get to come out here, enjoy the great outdoors, spend time with their parents, get some exercise and have a food fight," Keefe said.

Every runner who comes through is going to get sauced with tomatoes.

Around 500 runners have already signed up for the Tomato Dodge.

A few spots are still available.

SIGN UP: If interested, you can sign up here.

Use promo code “Ashley 43” to get $5 off registration.