Watch what happens when kids try out new ‘healthy Halloween candy,’ more trick than treat

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Many people are thinking about handing out healthy Halloween treats this year but a new online advertisement wants you to think twice before giving up the candy.

Crest and Oral B posted the ad, titled “Halloween Treats Gone Wrong” to YouTube, which now has more than 2 million views.

It stars a group of adorable children who volunteered for a focus group to try new Halloween sweets.

However, it was more of a trick than a treat.

Organizers gave them healthier options of some of the most popular treats including fiber lollipops, vegetable-flavored gummies and riboflavin cupcakes.

Angelo said, “You’re saying disgusting stuff is good stuff and it’s disgusting.”

Adrianna, who tried to be polite through the whole trial, gave in to her weak stomach when she tried ‘Artichoke Buttercups.’

The treats were all made with little or no sugar and contained only vegetables.

In the end, all the children were given new Halloween costumes and are now YouTube sensations.