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Daylight Saving Time over; Oklahoma ‘Falls back’ Sunday morning

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Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend but what exactly are we falling back to?

It turns out “Standard Time” isn’t exactly standard.

We spend eight months of the year in Daylight Saving Time and only four in Standard.

So why do we change our clocks twice a year?

Basically so people don’t have to turn their lights on as early.

Most parts of the U.S. only get about 9.5 hours of daylight in the wintertime.

If we didn’t set our clocks back in the Fall, sunrise wouldn’t be until 8:30 a.m. in many places.

However, since Daylight Saving Time is not required by law, parts of Arizona and all of Hawaii do not chance their clocks at all.

Oklahomans will get an extra our of sleep when we “Fall back” this weekend.