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OKC keeps security plan in place in wake of LAX shooting

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The effects of the shooting at LAX could be felt by some travelers here in Oklahoma City Friday afternoon.

Everyday, a handful of flights go directly to and from LAX to Will Rogers World Airport.

Fortunately, the shooting has not led to a major disruption in our state.

Every flight in and out of Los Angeles to Oklahoma City has run on time.

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In fact, the next flight to Los Angeles leaves in less than an hour and is still on time.

Airport officials say they haven't made any changes to their security in the wake of the shooting.

However, the shooting in LA definitely raises some concerns about airport security for travelers.

Many passengers say there is simply not a good solution to stop this sort of violence from happening.

Karen Chamberlin said, "I think you can take precautions but if someone's determined to give their life for yours, there's nothing you can do to stop it. You've got people that don't value life and they kill people."

Chamberlin's husband is actually flying into Oklahoma City from Los Angeles.

Authorities stress that while there haven't been any major delays, it is always a good idea to check your flights before heading to the airport.