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Update: Pellebon speaks after not guilty verdict

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Norman, Okla. - Former Oklahoma University Professor Dwain Pellebon sat calmly when a judge read the jury's verdict: not guilty of three counts of child sexual abuse and six counts of lewd acts with a child under the age of 16.

Pellebon's family and supporters cried out loud. He spoke with News Channel Four moments after the verdict.

"I'm vindicated, but my life has been changed forever."

prosecutors said during the trial that Pellebon abused six children. He's been battling the accusations since 2011.

"From the very beginning, I told the University administrators there's a second side to this story, and the story is going to be told," said Pellebon.

The jury deliberated more than four hours. Hearing the not guilty verdict, Pellebon said a prayer and hugged his family.

"I gave thanks to God, to the Father, Jesus, my savior and the Holy Spirit," said Pellebon. "A lot of people have prayed for two years for this day and for this verdict, and I expected it. "

His attorney, Jacquelyn Ford expected it as well saying the Prosecution's evidence wasn't enough to convince jurors of abuse.

"There's a lot of speculation, a lot of innuendo, and the State put forth the vest evidence they had, and it didn't carry the day," said Ford. "We believed it wouldn't."

A court order has kept Pellebon from his wife and children for nearly two years. He can't go home until that is lifted, but now the weight of the trial is over.

"My life has been changed forever as a result of what I've been put through and my family has been put through," said Pellebon. "But the jury did their job."

News Channel Four tried to speak with prosecutors after the trial. They left the courthouse without comment.