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Investigation: Controversial legal exemption for Oklahoma Highway Patrol?

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Police dash cam video is nothing new.

We feature it regularly on the news and there have been entire TV series based on the tiny cameras mounted on dashboards around the country.

However we have found a shocking revelation about one Oklahoma law enforcement agency.

Despite having a multi-million dollar system paid for by the public, the public doesn't have access to a single frame of video.

Ali Meyer is investigating the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and a special law written in the books which only applies to them.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol makes more traffic stops than any other agency in our state.

State dollars funded a multi-million dollar in-car camera system for the OHP.

The problem is, the public rarely gets to see those millions in action.

The officials department policy is not to release the tape.

"I think it's outrageous," Republican State Sen. David Holt said. "I think if we as taxpayers are going to pay for dashboard cams, then we ought to be able to see the results of them."

"It's the truth," defense attorney Stephen Fabian said. "What would have happened if Rodney King wouldn't have had videos? 'Oh, he kicked us and beat us up and it was just we had to fight him.' It didn't happen and that's what you see in some of these things."

We are talking to OHP about their special exemption.

OHP Capt. George Brown said, "The public is served by their privacy interests protected."

Ali Meyer is working on the important issue for anyone who drives in Oklahoma.

She will have the story for you at 10 p.m.