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Teachers separating the sexes to improve grades

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GULFPORT, Miss. – Teachers in Mississippi are separating the sexes to make the grade.

Since the first day of school, some fifth graders have been doing things a bit differently.

They have been learning in classrooms of either all girls or all boys.

Some studies show that boys and girls learn in different ways at different ages, so the school is hoping the new classroom division will help teachers be able to better cater to students’ needs.

Kimberly Robins, teacher at Gaston Point Elementary, said, “It’s mostly the age. They’re starting to like each other and so with that distraction gone, they’re able to focus more on what they need to do in the classroom.”

Teachers say without the distraction of girls, there’s less drama and her class of all boys is starting to live up to their full potential.

The biggest goal of the experiment is to have a positive impact on the students’ grades and it seems to be working.

Teachers say there have been less behavioral issues and overall scores have improved.