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UPDATE: Graphic photos of boy attacked at daycare

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UPDATE: 7:00 pm Nov. 7th - Marietta police have finished their investigation into the Little Buckaroos Daycare.

Officers say it looks like a child assaulted five-month-old Nathan.

They say there is no indication that an adult caused the harm, but they did say the children were left unsupervised for a matter of minutes.

They say the children were alone for less than five minutes. Police sent the findings to the District Attorney who will decide if charges will be filed.

The Department of Human Services is still conducting its own investigation. NewsChannel 4 will check back.

MARIETTA, Okla. - Marietta Police Department is investigating an assault on a four-month-old baby.

Law officers are trying to find out if a child or an adult is behind the attack.

Laticia Jones got a call from a manager at Little Buckaroos Daycare Tuesday afternoon. She says the person on the other end of the phone told her a two-year-old scratched her son.

Wiping the tears, it's still difficult for the mother to see her son in pain.

"It's just at that point, I didn't know if he was going to be ok or not," Jones said. "Once I seen him and got him into the light, I noticed it was, you know, really bad, and she stated she didn't think I should take him to the doctor because she would be investigated."

A medical assistant herself, Jones knew she had to take her son to the emergency room. There, doctors called Marietta Police.

Officers then stated what the mother says the daycare predicted. They opened an investigation with the department of human services to find out if the daycare is at fault.

"All I can think about is what did he have to go through, and as a mother, I'm supposed to protect him," said Jones.

NewsChannel 4 went to the Buckaroo Daycare to ask how Nathan was injured.

The owner Lee Mote said he couldn't comment.

"I can't, our lawyer says we cannot speak to anybody," said Mote.

However, Lee did say he isn't sure but thinks a child could have fallen on Nathan.

"It looked to me [Like] the child fell on him. I don't know. I wasn't in there. It wasn't my room. See, I'm already saying too much," said Mote.

Now, Nathan is recovering. His mother says he's still skittish and scabbed.

"I don't think a two year old attacked him," said Jones.

Police say at this point, nothing indicates that an adult hurt Nathan.

His mother says either way, someone should have answered his cried and stopped the attack.

"I trusted them," said Jones. "I never would have thought my baby would go through that."

Police expect to turn their investigation over to the District Attorney by the middle of this week.

We will keep you updated.