Consumer Reports lists tablet as a “don’t buy”

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As you are thinking about Christmas presents, Consumer Reports has an item that you may want to leave off your list.

The Monster M-7 tablet is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart for $150.

While the price is great, Consumer Reports testers found a problem.

The tablet locked up regularly during use, stopping slide shows and sending users to a blank screen.

Dean Gallea, with Consumer Reports, said, “We tested three Monster 7 Tablets and the screen froze or went blank on each of them. Sometimes, it happened in less than an hour. Other times, it took several hours for the screen to freeze.”

Testers were able to restart the tablets to clear the problem but it kept happening.

For that fact, Consumer Reports listed the Monster 7 as a “don’t buy.”

If you already purchased one, officials say you have a 15 day return window to get your money back.

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