Moore homes damaged by tornado could be bulldozed

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MOORE, Okla. - When you drive along I-35, you can't help but look at the homes that remain in shambles following May 20.

The tornado left a two-mile-wide path of destruction through the City of Moore.

Almost six months later, there are signs of progress and rebuilding all around the city.

However, a few homes here and there look like they were hit yesterday.

Sue Minyard says, "Oh yeah, they're eyesores!"

Tonya Perusse says, "You constantly have to look at the mess."

Neighbors who have already rebuilt their homes wonder what's going on next door.

Minyard said, "These people here have never come back."

Sue Minyard lives right next to a destroyed home and hates to be reminded about May 20 every day.

However, she understands the family's situation.

She says, "They're having some kind of issues with permits, contractors, this that and something else."

Then, there is the issue of dealing with insurance companies.

John Whitson, with the public adjusting firm Brown O'Haver, says the problem is not just in Moore, but in other communities that were affected as well.

"If they're uninsured or under-insured, they could be waiting on FEMA money,” says Whitson. “More alarming is if they are insured and they're still working with their insurance company. It's been about six months now."

Tonya Perusse says as long as she sees contractors bulldozing and building, she's happy.

She said, "You've got that hope that your neighborhood will be back."

The City of Moore says it has a list of those untouched homes and crews are working to condemn them.

Officials say that takes time, but the city will begin bulldozing in a couple of weeks.

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