New treatment providing solution for long-time acne sufferers

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The quest for perfect skin.  We see it in magazines and all over TV.

But the truth is,  good skin is hard to get.  Many of us suffer from bouts of acne at some point.

Heather Adams had that problem.

“It seemed the more that I tried the more I would break out.”

Two months before her wedding she decided to try one more time.

“I just hated the blackheads and the pimples on my face and of course for my one day I just wanted to be beautiful.”

She started a program called Face Reality. Dr. Daryll Robinson of Longevity where Adams is also employed said that it’s a new approach to acne.

“It’s designed for patients who have blemishes that have not had success with the one size fits all approach. We’re the only facility in Oklahoma City and one of two in the state that offer this system.”

It’s a 12 week program that is customized for each patient.

Besides a cleaning/condition daily program tailored to each patient, every two weeks you get a chemical peel.

And Robinson said each week the products being used are tweaked and you undergo extractions.

“It’s very important because it helps accelerate the destruction of the bacteria. ”

the mix and match approach can be used for any skin type –

At the end of Heather’s 12 weeks – she was wedding ready.

“I absolutely fell in love with it and here I am now and my face is clear.”

For more information, visit the Longevity website.

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