Edmond North shuts down locker rooms as precaution

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EDMOND - Edmond North High school shut down its locker room to be cleaned, after a student is diagnosed with an infection.

A parent reported Thursday that her son, a player on the team, had a bacterial infection.

As a precaution, the school immediately locked down the team's locker room and fogged the building. They even wiped down every piece of equipment by hand.

"We also went to all the classrooms of this particular student and did a thorough cleaning and disinfection last night." Susan Parks-Schlepp said.

"If they're going to clean it up, it should be ok." Parent Tina Vaughn said. "But it is scary."

Parents and students believe the school is taking every precaution to keep everyone safe, but admit it is hard to be 100% worry-free.

"I kind of figure that people make things out to be worse than they really are." Student Tyler Duschell said. "Unless it is a zombie apocalypse. Then yeah, I might be a little worried."

The school is confident there is no threat that students could get infected with the bacteria.

The student has been sent home until he recovers.

"If it's a bad infection, of course I wouldn't really want to be in a school with a disease." Student Tyler Ingram said.

The school could not release the name of the student or the type of bacteria for privacy reasons, but do confirm that it is not meningitis.

Both the football equipment and locker room should be ready by Monday.

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