Oklahoma city and one other city listed as worst in drive by gang violence

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OKLAHOMA CITY -Oklahoma City was also tops among the five for percentage of gang murders committed via drive-by.

According to the CDC, “With regard to the circumstances preceding the homicide, drive-by shootings were significantly more likely to contribute to gang homicides than other types of homicide in Los Angeles and Oklahoma City. Nearly one quarter of gang homicides in these cities were drive-by shootings, compared with 1%–6% of nongang homicides.”

The National Violent Death Reporting System also has Oklahoma listed as one of 5 states with the most gang homicides.

CDC lists Oakland, Oklahoma City, Long beach, Los Angeles and Newark to be the U.S. capitols of gang homicides.

“In these cities, a total of 856 gang and 2,077 nongang homicides were identified and included in the analysis. Comparisons of the characteristics of gang and nongang homicides were made using Fisher’s exact tests for all the variables except mean age, which required a T-Test. The characteristics included basic demographics of the victims, descriptive information on the homicide event, and circumstances precipitating the event,” according to CDC.

Gangs are associated with drug trade, homicides that were both drug and gang-related were less common than those involved in drugs alone.

“Gang homicides also were more likely to occur in the afternoon/evening hours in the majority of the five cities; however, comparisons were not examined because the data were missing for 23% of nongang homicide incidents. In Oklahoma City, gang homicides occurred more frequently on weekend than did nongang homicides.”

For more information about violence in Oklahoma visit CDC’s website.

This study’s results are from the year 2008.

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