Oklahoma doctor loses license for lying

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An Oklahoma doctor fought to keep her medical license after she was a accused of lying of get it.

Online, Dr. Kelly Humphreys touts that she's board certified and specializes in family medicine, but the pulse of her medical career in Oklahoma has flat lined.

Thursday Humphreys sat before the medical board defending herself.

Before working in the Sooner State, she was employed at Kansas University Medical Center. She was placed on probation and ultimately fired for "poor medical judgment".

One board member said, "They reached the conclusion that she had some personality difficulties that made her misinterpret what was going on around her."

From there she moved to St. John's Health System in Arkansas. Things didn't work out there. According to medical board documents -Humphreys was suspended but agreed to a "treatment plan". Instead of fulfilling that requirement, she made her way to Oklahoma.

But she remembers things differently - "The official record was different than what my experience had been. This is not the first time I have seen inaccuracies." said Kelly Humphreys, MD

Her new employer, Jane Phillips Medical Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma suspended her privileges after colleagues questioned her procedures while she was delivering a baby.

Humphreys had issues in Bartlesville. The complaint reads, "The decision was made to reduce the likelihood of immediate injury or damage to the health and safety of patients and their newborns."

The doctor is also accused of lying on her application for an Oklahoma license and also lying on her application for the job in Bartlesville.

"No disrespect intended Dr. but would you agree with me that there is difference between getting kicked out of a residency and going home to take care of your ailing mother?" asked Randy Sullivan an attorney on the board. "It was both," Humphreys replied.

Ultimately she was found guilty of three things:

1) Being physically or mentally unable to practice medicine and surgery. 2) Engaging in practice / behavior that demonstrates incompetence. 3) Making false or deceptive statements in documents connected to medicine. Her license is now revoked in Oklahoma. Humphreys tells us she disagrees with the decision and is now back in Kansas.