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Edmond car wash damages patron’s vehicle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EDMOND, Okla. -- A recent trip to the carwash ends in catastrophe.

An Edmond woman ponied up nearly 100 times the original amount of the wash after, she says, the machine attacked her car.

Drive thru car washes is fairly easy and convenient to go through, but one Edmond woman says she got a pretty scare when instead of a good wash her vehicle got quite a beating.

"We were filling up and I thought 'Oh, I'll just pull into the carwash and got the quick five dollar car wash," Teresa Wolf says.

But Teresa Wolf says that five dollars soon turned into nearly $500.

"It sounded like someone was taking a crowbar to the back of my car," Wolf explains.

Turns out Teresa Wolf says the carwash at 15th and Santa Fe malfunctioned and was hitting the back of her car. It took care of a lot more than the dirt on her Volvo SUV.

She says the car wash started making a weird noise and that's when the trouble started.

"The car wash jammed and those big arms that swing around started beating on the back of my car, and I thought it smashed the window out. So I shot out of there," Wolf says.

She went into a nearby business.

"They gave me an emergency contact phone number," Wolf says.

She says she contacted the owner of the carwash and spoke with him twice but hasn't heard from him since.

She wants him to reimburse her the nearly $500 she spent out of pocket for damages.

Wolf says, "It smashed this light housing here and this one and it broke the light out."

The carwash is out of order now and a sign out front says the car wash owner is not responsible for damages but Teresa says she didn't see the sign and she doesn't agree with what it says.

"It doesn't make it right," Wolf says.

NewsChannel 4 contacted an emergency phone number listed for the car wash.

We were told the owner is out of the country right now but should be back sometime this week.